A Curated Living Experience in the Heart of Miami Beach

Five Park Miami Beach represents an exquisite fusion of artistic opulence harmonizing with nature and community. Its prime location on the cusp of Miami Beach serves as a striking gateway, showcasing an impressive tower and bridge crafted by Arquitectonica. This development redefines city living, focusing on walkability, connectivity, and urban refinement.

At the core of Five Park lies Canopy Park, a lush oasis not only of beauty but also of sustainable innovation. This green expanse features native flora, recreational spaces, and inventive water management systems, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious urban design.

This visionary project isn’t just about lavish living; it champions a seamless integration of innovation, community, and eco-awareness. Five Park stands as a testament to cutting-edge luxury, committed to reshaping Miami Beach’s landscape for a sustainable and inclusive future.

Building Features
– One- to three-bedroom fully finished residences
from 878 SF to 2,300 SF
– Unparalleled views of the ocean, bay, and park
– Curated art collection displayed throughout
– Ease of connectivity to South Pointe Park, the Baywalk,
Miami Beach Marina, and beach via the Daniel Buren-
designed Miami Beach Canopy pedestrian bridge
and more.

– Light-filled, open floor plans
– Up to 10-ft ceilings
– Floor-to-ceiling glass windows
– Private outdoor terraces
and more.

– Dedicated Beach Club located South of Fifth,
with lounge chairs, umbrellas and towel service
– Adjacent three-acre Canopy Park featuring a MONSTRUM
Playground, outdoor gym, picnic areas, dog park,
shaded gardens, and art installations
and more.

The project is currently under construction, with the top off in December 2023, estimated to be finished and delivered in approximately 12 months. Connect with us today to gain access to the best developer pricing and inventory and secure your residence at this stunning development 786-239-7342.

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